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Aerated concrete block production line

      Aerated concrete block production line main raw materials are siliceous materials and calcareous materials, adding gas forming agent, by adding water mixing,after chemical reaction, forming pore,then after pouring forming, curing&cutting,steam curing to form silicate products.
      Absorbing advanced technology of Aerated concrete block production line from Germany and Japan, On June 17th, 2013. Donyue Machinery Co.,LTD and AAC-Concept GMTH signed the agreement of technology cooperation. This meant the great improvment for Donyue Machinery Co.,LTD in terms of exporting Germany advanced ACC technology. we develop new-style and more practicable aerated concrete block machine by ourselves. Characterized by high efficiency, advanced technology, stable capability and wide applicability, our new series of Automatic Brick Forming Machine can even be compared with those with the up to date technology abroad.

        Annual capacity of 10-40 million cubic meters of autoclaved aerated concrete block production lines and equipment, the annual production capacity of 300,000 cubic meters of autoclaved aerated concrete panel equipment, and to provide customers with the planning, layout, design, drawing, installation, testing machine ,  guide building factories, process and production services.
     why choice our aerated concrete block production line,the reason as follow:

     1.Strong scientific research and technology team

     2.Strong technology research and development strength

     3.Precision quality testing system

      4.The strong power of sophisticated equipment

      5.With germany AAC-Concept GMTH signed the agreement of aerated concrete block production line technology cooperation

      "Approaching perfection Pursuing Prominence", "Donyue Aerated cConcrete Block Machine " is your best option.


AAC Central Controller
Aggregate weight tank/computer control tableControl table : be sure all kinds of the materials can mix exactly in the production line
AAC reversal crane
Hydranlic frequency transport crane It's the main eauipment in the plant, function as it makes the cutting finsihed body rearrangeand prepare into the autoclave. 1.Hydraudic frequency conversion rev…
Cutting Machine
1.Aerated Concrete block production line cutting machine Introduction:The cutting machine is the most important part of Aerated Autoclaved Concrete block machine line.The production is more th…
Curing Room
Functios:Aearated concrete block with mould box will be stayed in curing room for 1.5 to 2.5 hours(curing time is different for different materical), then move out automaticly.
aerated concrete block production line
Mould Box
The Functions The specifications of mould box is the size of aerated concrete block aftercutting, not as the mould box outside dimensions Main technical parameters NO. Specification capacity(m&s…
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