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Aerated concrete block machine common defects and countermeasures
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Aearated concrete block machine manufacturer from Shandong dongyue machinery group Co., LTD. Has been established since 1994, through technical personnel hard woring and rich scientific principles and experience, aerated concrete block machine has the new breakthrough and achievement. Dongyue constantly improve aerated concrete in the process of production line and find aerated concrete some existing defects and problems , and study the cause of the problem and the countermeasures.
5 the vertical cracks perpendicular to the ground (copy YiTong and turning the cutting machine).
5.1 after cutting, down from more than vertical line on continuous crack.
Reason: more water, less dry material (especially lime amount) , and poor quality of lime.
Countermeasures: (1) reduce the amount of slurry, or improve the slurry consistency,
Increase the amount of lime.
Reduce the amount of lime, speed up the pace of slurry thick.
5.2 after cutting, from top to bottom DuoGe continuous fracture position.
Reason: (1) fly ash too samll.
Lime too many, or pouring temperature is too high.
Gypsum too few.
Countermeasures: (1) improve the fly ash sieve surplus.
Reduce the lime dosages or pouring temperature.
Improve the gypsumr the dosage.
The whole mold fracture (central turning the cutting machine.
6.1 turn crack
Cause: (1) block strength low.
block uneven intensity.
Countermeasures: (1) improve cutting strength.
(2) pay attention to quality and environmental temperature lime.
6.2 after cutting crack.
Cause: (1) block between the baseplate has gap

reversion excessive or not.

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