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Common Defect Factor Of Aerated Concrete block and Relevant Strategy (Two)
   Author:山东东岳建材机械有限公司    Time:[2012-05-10]   Views:
Shandong Dongyue Building Machine Co., Ltd. has developed for 17 years’ history since 1994, during these years, our technicians have reached some new achievements in aerated autoclaved concrete block machine by their Abundant scientific principles and technical experience. They also find some common questions about aerated concrete block product line and give the csudes and measures.
2.Gas evolution is not high enough,what causes and measures as following:
2.1 Gas evolution's speed is normal, thickening too fast, the body can not properly send gas
The causes as below: (1). Slurry is too thick; (2). Lime (or cement) too much, or less gypsum; (3).Pouring temperature is too high.
The measures as below: (1).Reduce the proportion of slurry; (2).Reduce lime(or cement), gypsum increased; (3). Lower pouring temperature.
2.2 Gas evolution thickening normal, total body is not enough.
Causes as below: (1) Less total material; (2). With less aluminum powder (or poor quality of aluminum powder);
Measures as below: (1) Increase the total amount of material; (2).Increase amount of aluminum powder
2.3 Aluminum powder is not full mixed with slurry
Cause as below: (1).Mixing power is not enough or design unreasonable; (3). Mixing impeller is wear.
Measures as below: (1). Adjust mixer; (2).Exchange mixing impeller