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Matters needing attention in Buying aerated concrete equipment?
   Author:Shandong dongyue building machine Co., LTD.    Time:[2011-04-21]   Views:
        With the upsurge coming of investing Aerated concrete equipment, more and more investors invest aerated concrete block equipment production process, it is of vital importance of choosing aerated concrete equipment manufacturer with a good service to the aerated concrete block equipment quality and after-sales, good manufacturer is true gold does not fear the fire, before you invest aerated concrete production line, it need to pay attention to the following of buy aerated concrete equipment:
      First of all: learn how to identify Aerated concrete equipment’s quality, the first is to see the equipment material, according to the material can find out the equipment quality and the service life of equipment.
      Next: it also should identify the paint quality of Aerated concrete in buying aerated concrete block equipment, it can prevent equipment rust and extend the service life of equipment if the paint with a good quality.
      Third: check whether the work principle is reasonable in buying Aerated concrete equipment, so does the commissioning, the company should choose those in strict accordance with the national standard production machinery.
       Fourth: identify the after-sales service before choose the Aerated concrete equipment, manufacturer of high quality after-sales represents the excellent equipment, but also can solve the series problems after you investment aerated concrete equipment, it can solved even production line, so as to ensure the normal operation of production line.