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Welcome Nigeria customer to inspect Our QT6-15 block machine
   Author:Donyue machinery group    Time:[2015-11-11]   Views:

On the date 27th Oct, 2015, Our Nigeria customer and his wife began the second visit to our factor to inspect cargo. In the first time visit our customer has signed the QT6-15 block production line order contract. After our factory worker’s hard work in one month, the ordered block machine is ready to send, our client’s one purpose is to check the machine’s condition, the second purpose is to visit the color roof tile production line, and the third purpose is to visit the AAC block production line. After our clients arrived in our factory ,they were full of praise to our products quality and satisfied with the ordered QT6-15 block machine .they agreed to arrange the rest money on the spot once they back to Nigeria .according to customer requirement ,we accompanied with our customer to visit our domestic customer’s block factory ,to learn about the automatic block machine’s production situation , after visit client interested in adding another block production line in the future and asked many relevant questions . What’s more , in the our factory ,our customer spoken highly of our color roof tile and AAC block’s quality and appearance .asked the production flow and production type in details .at last our client shows great interest to establish long term cooperation with our factory !