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Appropriate maintain of block machine can prolong the service life

   Author:Shandong dongyue building machine Co., LTD.    Time:[2015-05-07]   Views:
       Only keep the block machine in good condition, it can ensure the stability and high efficience in production. With more and more service tine, every aac machine parts are damaged because of friction, corrosion, abrasion, vibration, shock, collision and so on. Technical performance is gradually poor and bad, this is an unavoidable external factor. However appropriate maintain can prolong the service life of egg laying block machine. Just like the human, aac block plant also need rest and maintain, long work time and lack of maintain will shorten the service life of aac plant, so it is need to check and maintain baking-free block machine regularly. According to the abrasion regularity and ageing regularity of machine parts, before abrasion and ageing of machine parts, every machine part need to be maintained, keep machine clean, discover and solve the problem of block machine, all of them can problong the service time of block machine.
       Regularly maintain is the basic of different maintain levelss and has influnece on the safty in production, energy consumption and service time of machine parts. Regularly maintain includes clean, replenishment, safety, examine and so on. when brick machine is operating, please installing the protective cover and bottom cover. If the machine need to be idle, every part of brick machine needs anticorrosion protection, checking them every three months, greasing machines completely with gasoline. Reading the specification carefully, then operating machine following the specification, playing fully ability of brick machine. Extending the life of brick machine.