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Common problem of hydraulic making machine
   Author:山东东岳建材机械有限公司    Time:[2012-05-10]   Views:
As it is usually, many hydraulic machines are using hydraulic systems. There might be some breakdown when using the system, and the will take some difficult during the operation progress.
So,herewith 5 breakdown situations which are found by our engineers.
One, Reason of shaking and noisy.
There are many reasons that caught shaking and noisy, such as gas in the inlet line, or the resistance in the inlet line is too big, Oil viscosity is too high, Mesh obstruction and Oil surface is too low, and so on. To handle this, we can enlarge the suction pipe diameter, use suitable hydraulic nets, clean or change the oil filter, and so on.
Bad situation of controlling valves, like sealing bad, devious matching, Pressure regulating spring fatigue or damage, and so on, these all can cause shake and noisy. Please consider to use a new pump, when gear pump stocking oil and the vane of vane pump gets stuck.
Two, Hydraulic shock
There's no buffer when hydraulic oil changing directions, flow change too suddenly, too quickly of exchanging of magnetic exchange valve, too big space between vale center and vale body. These all reasons cause to hydraulic shock.
There is no buffer unit or the position switches work bad, the piston and cylinder head a collision. It can not seal the oil of the buffer unit(such as cover place mat damage, too big space between piston and cylinder hole, these reason cause to no buffer of Triangle groove). There are so many gas in the system or too big of pressure of system.
Three, reason of oil leak
Too heavy system pressure, oil pipe joint was looseness, connecting parts or sealing was not good, sealing element damaged or chosen failed or matching by mistake, high oil temperature, and so on.