Static curing and cutting
cutting machine

1.Aerated Autoclaved Concrete block machine line cutting machine Introduction:
The cutting machine is the most important part of Aerated Autoclaved Concrete block machine line.The production is more than 50,000m3. The cutting machine is the necessary hard-core,and is the indispensable part to improve the production. Our factory’s product--JL series cutter, this equipment can realize the cutting of the body one's goal instantly, six turn over cutting, because its advanced craft, there is no need of the second time hoisting, so can reduce the damage of th body because of multiple hoisting. Therefore, this product have been sold over the nation,and gain high praise from the ueser.With several years technological innovation,we have developed many kinds of models’concrete cutters.

2.Working principle:

After turn the body on the over turning platform with the Base Plate,move towards the cutter until the small sliding table. After 90 degrees turn over, move the body from the small sliding table to the cutting position,cut the body’ four sides horizontally,then lengthwise cutting.After cutting ,move the body from the small sliding table to the over turning platform,turn the body on the counter-turnplate by 90 degrees with reversing direction.

3.Main techniacl parameters


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