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Difference between foam cement blocks and light weight autoclaved aerated concrete blocks

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According to the different raw materials, foam cement block is divided into two categories. The first one is foam cement block, it consist of foam granule and cement. Foam cement block is light-weight,nosieproofing, thermal insulation, fireproofing.Because of little diameter,the cost of production is reduced to a great extent, it is the perfect block for nonbearing wall. The second one is autoclaved foam conrete block,it is consist of cement,slag and sand. This kind of block is environmental, energy-saving and stable building materials which is up to engineering standard of noiseproofing, fireproofing and energy-saving。

Although light weight autoclaved aerated conrete block which is made by autoclaved aerated concrete block machine includes cement and lime, the real cementitous material is the hydrated crystal substance. Actually, light weight autoclaved aerated concrete block is Hydrothermal silicate man-made building materials. It is obvious that it is different from the traditonal building materials which made by tranditonal brick machine. Thus, it is very important and urgent to use and spread this kind of building material.The main feature of lautoclaved aerated concrete block which is produced by aac machine is light weight. This block is lighter than water, even more, is lighter than some wood. At the meantime, autoclaved aerated concrete block has features of thermal insulation, noiseproofing, fireproofing, environment protection and so on. Sand-lime brick machine and aerated block machine will play the important role in the buliding materials industry.

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