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How to strenghth the block making machine maintenance

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Most of the investors are caring about this question:the life of the block making machine.Dongyue machine noted about that fact the longer of the machine’s life being the more porfit it will bringing so that we employ the advenced engineer give us an intruduction.the maintenance of the block making machine,hope it can help you.

In order to make the block forming machine always in a good working environment,make the performance in stable,and improving the work efficiency and to extend the sevice life so we have some ways to maintenancy our machine.The measure is making the machine clean ,tighten,lubricate,and appropriate adjiustments to the main,combined with timely inspection and monitoring of our factory have various types of equipment in the usb and maintenance manual have clear instructions and maintenance measures,but in practical work,users have generally not been given sufficient attention,mainly for the following aspects:
1,Rether respair than foster care.they have no plan of foster care,and little mistake can not be attracted their mind,just repair the machine when the machine can’t work any more.
2,The working environment is not well,the maintenance is limited,there is no strenghth ,casually doing the good impression.
3,The maintenance woker haven’t a strong sense of resonponsibility,don't’t follow the measure of maintenance.
4,finalcy distressed,there is no time to maintenance or use of poor quality of fuel and spare parts of maintenance work unsatisfatory.
5,Have no sense of maintenance the machine ,the time is very tightly.never care about of the run condition.make the machine work in for.
In view of this,we should improving the ablity of more attention on the mind building of the workers,so that we can make a good maintenance of the block making machine.

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