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Dongyue group play an important role in the brick machine industry-wide

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In order to practicable ecological civilization construction, promoting energy saving and emission reduction,showing new wall materials equipments and technology,guiding new wall material company  to improve quality of products,the National Wall Materials Reformation committee desides to hold a the Second New Wall Materials Equipments and Corollary Equipment exhibition on Aprial 2,2014 in Jinan. As the leader of construction equipment industry,Dongyue group take part in the exhibition positively. In order to make the exhibition smoth going, Dongyue Group sponsor 600,000RMB to this exhibition. At the appointed time, Dongyue Machinery Group will show the new autoclaved aerated concrete machine worked with Germany aac-concept in this exhibition. As the cooperator of National Wall Materials Reformation committee, Dongyue Group’s organizing ability and comprehensive strength are approved by the whole industry. Dongyue group take part in various of intra-industry meeting and exchange experience and technology. After sharing and exchanging experience and techonlogy, Dongyue gain the better development.
As the strategy of environmental and ecological sustainable development is carried out nationwide, environmental protection become the hotspot issue. It is important to give consideration to develop business and protect environment. In the end of last centry, Chinese real estate gain the fast development and there was a large demand for traditional red brick which caused the demage of farmland, water and soil loss and air pollution. Environmental construction materials emerge as the times require. Dongyue group devote herself to research and produce the environmental construction materials equipment and gain the great achievement. 2013, Dongyue group introduced Germany advanced technology to make more environmental and energy-saving brick machine. Dongyue do believe that our efforts on aac machine research and development will make the world more beautiful.

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