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Congratulations to the guangzhou fair team members Triumphant return

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On April 23,the foreign trade colleagues who attend the 108th Canton fair return in triumph, Company general manager ,Sun chunzhi,personnally meet them in front of the company,and representing all the members give them great congratulations for their achievements, This exhibition strats dongyue brick machine’s international brand, Shows our strong brand image, this exhibition opens the door for our company preempting the international market.

The exhibition chief SunJingHui said,all the colleagues have an outstanding achievement,successfully complete the tasks that company setted. This exhibition has deepened the relation between dongyue and the existing customers, signed equipment supply agreements with 8 customers at the same time, the contract value reached up to 1 million dollars,this is a breakout in all session Canton fairs to our company. It is fully demonstrated the great demand of international market, It also shows the increasing impacting status of our company in the field of domestic blocking machine ,and dongyue block mchine has been Effectively stepped into the customers mind.Mrs. Sun emphasized that our company will continue to focus on market-oriented R & D,around the principle that technology serves market, to further improve the ability of independent innovation and enhance the company's brand image, continue to strengthen the R & D investment of brick machine, provide customers with satisfying brick machine.

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