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Fly ash aerated autoclaved concrete block production line introduce:

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Fly ash aerated autoclaved concrete block machine line, take the fly ash or another slag or dust as the main materials,add the lime,gypsum and aggregate,use the autoclave and another technologys.
Fly ash aerated autoclaved concrete block machine line,the main equipments are included,fly ash slurry making machine,slurry storage mixer,material scale,pouring mixer,mould box,curing room,cutting machine,autoclave,boiler and so on.
The fly ash AAC blocks intensity can reach to MU20,high technology,low energy consumption,the AAC blocks are widely used in basic building and inside or outside wall. Large number of fly ash and wet ash discharge can be used in this line.Every 1m blocks can use at least 800kg fly ash, so 60000 ton fly ash will be used to produce 50 million blocks every year. It plays an important part in saving land and protect environment.
Fly ash aerated autoclaved concrete block machine line is widely used in our country.As the AAC plant takes the sand dust or industrial waste residue (fly ash,mineral powder,slag, gangue) as the main materials, its nature,such as the freezing resistance,corrosion-resistance,compression strength,which are more superior to the clay solid bricks.The size of the blocks is same with the common solid clay bricks,which is 240*115*53mm,so the aac blocks can replace the solid clay bricks.
The main advantages of aac blocks are as follows: light weight,Good heat preservation,Good fire resistance without releasing harmful gas, Good workability,Good sound insulation,Environmental protection and wide source of raw materials .The aerated autoclaved concrete blocks are taken more attention by our government and widely used as the new type wall materials .
Fly ash aerated autoclaved concrete block machine line production process is included as follows:materials grinding and making slurry section,pouring and curing section,reveal and cutting section and autoclave section,packing section.

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